RECORD CRACK: Neon Indian to release new 7″

The term “double A-side”, in vinyl talk, means that the artist (and sometimes label) intend for both songs to be hits, or at least both to be movers. For fans of Neon Indian that isn’t a problem, as they will like anything from him (him being Alan Palomo) but it means double the pleasure and double the fun, and this one is no exception.

Neon Indian will be releasing “Polish Girl” and “Fallout” as a single, and the above is a graphic of the picture sleeve, which was taken from the same shoot for the forthcoming album, Era Extraña, scheduled for release on one of the most busiest days in music in a long time: September 13th (for a look at the cover photo of the album, click here.)

You can get a free download by placing your e-mail address in the box below and that’s it. (BTW – the address goes to the people sending the MP3 and not me, for those of you concerned about privacy.) For other Neon Indian music, click here for more.

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