FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Soulstice’s “Love Cliché”

“You are the night… and I am the day”.

These were the words sung by Gina Rene with the group Soulstice, founded by brother Gabriel René. They released the incredible album Illusion and a remix version of that album soon followed but that was 10 years ago. They seemed to disappear, at least as a group. Gina Rene, on the other hand, maintained a MySpace presence and did occasional tracks from time to time, but she did her own thing, lead her own life and that was that. It comes as a surprise that Soulstice has returned. What’s disturbing is that I find out about this today and discovered that “Love Cliche” is the third single from the album. WHAT?!?!? Well, now that I know, you know too. If you knew about this, then you’ve been keeping it to yourself. Don’t do that anymore, spread the word. Love Cliché (J Boogie Remix) by OmRecords Love Cliché (J Boogie Instrumental) by OmRecords Love Cliché (Album Version) by OmRecords Love Cliché (Nightmares On Wax Dub) by OmRecords Love Cliché (Nickodemus Remix) by OmRecords

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