SOME STUFFS : Official “Smile Sessions” box set from Beach Boys in November

It has been 44 years in the making, and an album that is probably the most celebrated in Beach Boys history, second to only Pet Sounds, but notable because the album has never been released officially. Now it will be.

The Smile Sessions Box Set (Capitol) is deluxe in every day, as it will be box set with five compact discs, a double LP, and two 7″ 45’s. That’s a total of 9 discs in the box. That’s a Beach Boys overdose and orgasm at the same time.

Smile is an album that was meant to be the bad’s follow up to 1966’s Pet Sounds. Upon release, it did not make a big impact in the United States. In England, it was immediately praised by both critics and artists, many of whom would claim it as a major influence. Most notable is Paul McCartney, who has said on record that for years, he and Brian Wilson were having an unspoken competition with their music, almost as if they were trying to 1-up each other. Sgt. Pepper has been said to be heavily influenced by the power of Pet Sounds, and thus not only did fans want to hear how Wilson and the Beach Boys would answer back, everyone wanted to know how it would be an unspoken answer to Sgt. Pepper, if at all.

The legend of Smile is legendary, probably one of the most discussed unreleased albums ever. Bootleg versions of the album have been hot items in the underground, and bootleggers have also released different box sets of the Smile recording sessions. While Capitol had released a few Smile songs on the Good Vibrations box set, for the most part it was never approached. The response to the much-delayed Pet Sounds Sessions box set proved there was still a demand for “the smart side” of The Beach Boys music, and even though bootlegs continued to surface, people wanted to hear the “official” side of things. Wilson even went out of his way to record Smile on his own, which lead to a very successful tour.

Now the wait is over. Rather than talk about what will be on this box, I’ll pass it over to Time To Play B-SidesMike Roeder, who speaks on the “goods” on his website (click here for a look.)

Personally, it is great that labels in 2011 still feel moved to release archival music like this, in this fashion. It makes me wish more artists would encourage this, and more labels were into it for audiences who will buy and listen. It may not open the floodgates for other artists, partially because some of them feel that without demand, why bother? Nonetheless, Smile and its legacy has been in demand for 44 years and now the rest of the world will be able to hear the genius that is Brian Wilson, and what lead to his eventual isolation from the world for years.

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