VIDEO: Go, K-Slide, Nagan Server, Boobee, Zimback & Oogawa’s “Never Take”

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music and feel that the music is slowly dying, let me tell that all you need to do is move away from the mainstream and listen elsewhere. Sometimes, going “elsewhere” is your best bet and in this case, you can head to Japan. “Never Take” is a brand new track produced by Endrun and features some of the hottest and upcoming Japanese MC’s right now, including Go, K-Slide, Nagan Server, Boobee, Zimback, and Oogawa. Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, just listen to Endrun’s instrumental. That should help to create a vibe in your mind, and this may inspire many MC’s, producers, and DJ’s, of all locales, to go back and rewrite anything they’re doing at this given moment.

If you would like to hear more from some of these guys, click to the CLC Records page at MySpace.

THRIFT STORE ADVENTURES: September 30, 2011 (the end of the line)

Before I searched, I had no idea when I last did an installment of Thrift Store Adventures. I looked, and the last one I wrote was in March 2009. Any of you who have followed me or my writing know of my record collecting ways and my love of vinyl, and yet it has been 30 months since I did this? What in the world happened?

Since it has been awhile since I did an installment, I should explain what this is. Thrift Store Adventures was/is a section where I would devote some words to my record purchases at thrift stores, pawn shops, and garage/yard sales. I grew up going to thrift stores, and while it may have been for economical purposes with my parents, it was also the best and cheapest way to find and buy music. I’ve discovered a lot of music at thrift stores in the last 30 years, and because of it I was briefly employed at a thrift store, specifically to have first crack at any incoming vinyl. Instead, they put me in women’s clothing to sort and fold clothes, covered in insecticide. After two days at that job, including a trip to the social security office because I had to prove I was a U.S. citizen even though I’ve been one since birth (i.e I know my SS# but didn’t have a card, and when I returned with temp card, they were shocked, as if I was going to fake my way in.), I left and never returned.

The thrift store had become the haven for the tossed-out and thrown away records, and whenever I would go out of town, thrift store were the hot spots, as I wanted to get as much cheap records as possible to bring it home and listen, and possibly resell. I’m a collector, but I enjoy playing the records too, touching the vinyl, covers, and inner sleeves, sniffing that mustiness and hoping someone had some good listening experiences with it.

In the last few years, money has been tight and as a lot of collectors will often say, “it’s either eating on a McChicken budget or finding heat”, “heat” being the term one uses when they score a “hot” record. Basically, I had to prioritize. It hasn’t stopped me from visiting thrift stores to browse, but there has been a major shift in the importance of vinyl at thrift stores, at least in my region. I remember years when I would be able to walk into a store, head to the record section and see the racks with four to six rows, sometimes more. I’ve always had records around me, and yet I fully understand for the rest of the world, it is now an “antique”, a thing of the past. As MP3’s continue to be the primary source of music consumption, I’ve seen more compact discs. Since they are digital, they are now “prized” and often placed behind the counter in order to prevent theft. The record, on the other hand, is the ugly, outdated beast that it has been for the last 25 years, but it almost feels like I have to go out of my way to find them, if I find any. To make a long story short, record supplies have dwindled, sections have been reduced, or basically all of the good records have been picked over and I’ll only see the same Anne Murray, Helen Reddy and Merrill Womack records I’ve seen countless times since I started going to thrift stores for records.

I did this section not only to log some of my purchases, but to share my knowledge of the records, or to talk about a discovery that had been unknown to me. I like to buy records and not listen to them beforehand, even though I have a portable. I’m sure bringing it on my drips would have saved me a lot of money, but then, as now, I have a heart for the crap. Yes, I want music that rocks, that’s funky, that’s dope, that’s the shit, call it what you want, but I also want music that will make me listen and go “why was that made?” or “who were they trying to sell that to?” I eat that up, and it was great to share that with my readers.

I’d like to think that it’s because of my location that the record supplies are shrinking. I’ve been looking to move to Portland, Oregon, a city that used to be my mecca for all that is vinyl. Magazines like Goldmine would often say that Portland was the last holy grail for all that is sacred about records, if you wanted to fulfill your vinyl addiction, you could do it there. There was a time when all I would do in Portland was go to thrift stores, find some cheap food, and that’s it. Boring. As I have been looking seriously into Portland, I’ve been looking at much more than just music. In fact, in the last few years, I still look for music but it’s not a priority as it once was. I have found Portland to be a bit more in sync with who I am and what I’d like to be. The people whom I have met with are great, and I want to be there to know more. I have wondered that when I do move, will that spark my interest in going to thrift stores again? To be honest, I think it will always be there. I love cheap bargains, I love to find out what people tossed out, and of course these records can have good resell value. But will it ever be on the level that it used to be 10 to 20 years ago? This may be a first for me, and it may shock some you but: no.

Record collecting is an incredible hobby, one that I’ve learned from immensely, and yet I’m able to go to any thrift store, head to the record section, take notes, go home, do a Google search, and download almost every album on that list for free. I search, buy, and collect records for that “thrill of the hunt”, but as I get older and want to reduce my collection significantly, I no longer want to be locked down or held back by boxes of records that take a lot of time and energy to transport from Point A to point B.

Maybe it’s a sign of me getting older, or “growing up”, and yet it’s almost as if I’m archiving that part of my life. I’m not one of those celebrated diggers who is able to visit every major city, walk into homes and warehouses, and just pillage the place. I like reading stories about those who do this. I wish I was someone who had the luxury and locale to do this, but I’m not. There’s a church in town that has a huge storage facility, I used to drive past it all the time and go “damn, I wish it was mine so I could fill it with records.”

A few things changed my outlook on things. Outside of being tight with money, it was after watching the documentary film Vinyl. I saw elements of me in it, not with everyone but it was enough. I’m a music numbnut and will be for life, but I did not want to be someone who was stuck in my kitchen, memorizing K-Tel album track listings in different configurations, rocking back and forth as if that was the only thing I cared about. I also go back to the morning I was T-boned in a car accident, after leaving a Goodwill to (what else?) buy records? That accident had absolutely nothing to do with records or music, but it had to do with my life and realizing I had to do more with it.

This marks the end of Thrift Store Adventures as a column, but then again who knows. I think as I take on more writing opportunities, which I hope makes it possible for me to travel and meet my subjects, it will lead to me moving from my current location and move to Portland. Maybe different opportunities will take me elsewhere, but right now, Portland is my goal. Thrift Store Adventures was never meant to be anything but my way of saying “I bought some records, check out what I bought, here’s a song or two.” The majority of my entries had been from the same circle of thrift stores in this area, with occasional trips out of town, and that’s not fun. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to read any more entries, especially when other collectors are able to tour, travel, do DJ sets, or run record labels in large cities while I struggle to move the hell out of a small podunk town. Could I become a DJ, tour, and rock some people, hell yeah, I’d love that chance. I have ideas I’d like to do and pull off, and maybe as I do more writing, articles, and books, I can include that as part of my marketing plan.

For years, I’ve wondered when (not if) I’d stop having fun writing Thrift Store Adventures. I’ve always wanted to take my writing to a higher level, but to use an old music term, I’ve been “bubbling under” for too long. If doing more writing leads to more traveling and opportunities, then I will definitely return to talk. For now though, I will officially put this column into storage.

A big mahalo nui to anyone and everyone who came across me and my writing with Thrift Store Adventures, and I hope you’ll continue to read and support what I do here at My love and admiration for music will never go away, and good records will never be out of reach. However, putting a cap on this section has been long overdue, especially when I haven’t been able to devote my time to it as much as I’d like to.

SOME STUFFS: Doctor P preparing to record debut album

This would have been filled with a lot of doctor and medical metaphors, you know, “time for a musical dosage? Then call up Doctor P for a unique prescrption” or something but I thought that was corny so…

However, if you know who Doctor P is (and as you can see, this is not Master P after a few medical procedures), you may have wanted to know if he can endure for a full length project, especially in this era when singles are hot and anything longer than 4 to 6 minutes makes you not. But Doctor P has signed a deal with Big Beat/Atlantic and will be putting together an album very soon. Until then, he will be doing some shows and that should help stir up interest and attention, including what is sure to be a massive New Year’s Eve part in Denver, Colorado. Check him if you can.

Oct 28 Seattle WaMu Theater
Oct 29 Seattle WaMu Theater
Oct 29 San Bernardino NOS Events Center
Nov 4 Sacramento Estrellita Ballroom
Nov 5 San Francisco The Factory
Dec 31 Denver Colorado Convention Center

SOME STUFFS: Russian Circles offer new song from forthcoming LP

Last month I mentioned that Russian Circles would be releasing album in the fall. It is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and the band are sharing a song from Empros, due out on October 25th from Sargent House. Have a listen to “Mladek” by clicking the player, or right click this link and “save as” (19.4mb)

The group will be doing two concerts in the near future, but if you live in Austin, Texas or Chicago, head there once you purchased the album (or pick it up there).
11/04 Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest – Auditorium Shores
12/03 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

You can pre-order the album on vinyl, MP3, or CD from Amazon by clicking the links below.

VIDEO: San Quinn featuring Berner and Relly Rell’s “Briefcase Money”

I had heard of San Quinn a few years ago, praised his album back then and all of a sudden never heard from him again. Didn’t know if he switched genres, moved out of music, or just wanted to step out of the limelight. Fortunately he has not, and this video is the proof, where he brings in Berner and Relly Rell to the equation.

SOME STUFFS: Foot Village heading to the East Coast for a handful of shows

Foot Village – This Song is a Drug Deal from Bowlegs on Vimeo.

Foot Village are one of my favorite bands, and they haven’t been back to the East Coast in three to four years. Reasons are unknown, but it doesn’t matter, as the group are heading back there for a small handful of dates. Fans will know that this band do not do anything in a “small handful”, so prepare to be audibly and visually attacked in these cities, which you can watch in video form or scroll down to the dates below:

Foot Village – East Coast Tour from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

October 1 – Asbury Park, NJ @ All Tomorrows Parties / I’ll Be Your Mirror
October 3 -ltimore, MD @ Floristree with Dustin Wong
October 4 – Greensboro, NC @ Blind Tiger with Ear Pwr
October 5 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class with Cloud Nothings
October 6 – Columbus, OH @ Skylab
October 7 Philadelphia, PA @ Pi Lam
October 8 – Providence, RI @ AS220
October 9 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio

To see and hear what they’ve been up to, check their official Bandcamp page.

SOME STUFFS: Gross Magic ready to share the most magic

Brighton, England is where Sam McGarrigle, but when he puts on the artist hat, he transformas himself into Gross Magic. He likes to do things in a simple, lo-fi manner and while lo-fi isn’t the first term you think of when talking about Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and Prince, these are some of the artists Gross Magic has been influenced by and honors subliminally in his own music.

The gentle gent started putting together his own music after his group Hocus Tocus fell apart, and it seems this demise was for the better, as it has head to an initial 5-song EP called Teen Jamz, to be released in the U.S. on October 11th via Fat Possum Records. What is his sound? Pop with a bit of Cinnamon Crispas, some alterna-grunge for flavor, and a lot of chopped up organisms to create what makes that Gross Magic so gross. Okay, not gross, but still.
Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch by snipelondon

Gross Magic – ‘Sweetest Touch’ from Bowlegs on Vimeo.

You will be able to witness Gross Magic in a live setting when he visits North American in a few weeks for shows that will bring him together with Yuck, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Youth Lagoon. The specifics can be deciphered below:

10/13 Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg *
10/14 Brooklyn, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg *
10/15 Brooklyn, NY, Cameo Gallery
10/18 Toronto, ONT, Horseshoe Tavern
10/19 New York, NY, CMJ
10/20 New York, NY, Bowery Ballroom
10/21 New York, NY, CMJ
10/22 New York, NY, CMJ
10/25 Buffalo, NY, Mohawk Place #
10/26 Wooster, OH, College of Wooster #
10/27 Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle #
10/28 Columbia, MO, University Of Missouri #
10/29 St Louis, MO, Billiken Club #
11/01 San Francisco, CA, Bottom Of The Hill %
11/02 Los Angeles, CA, The Echo %
11/03 San Diego, CA, Casbah %
11/04 Phoenix, AZ, Crescent Ballroom %
11/05 Tucson, AZ, Solar Culture Gallery %
11/07 Austin, TX, Emo’s %

* = w/ Yuck
# = w/ Unknown Mortal Orchestra
% = w/ Youth Lagoon

SOME STUFFS: Gloria Estefan gets down with Pharrell Williams on new album

Arguably, Gloria Estefan doesn’t need Pharrell Williams to make her a superstar, she has been doing this back when Williams didn’t understand how to shake his rump effectively. But they did collaborate with not just one or two songs or remixes, but a full length album.


The album is called Miss Little Havana, and this could easily become one of the more interesting album projects of 2011, and rightfully so. If you want the physical CD, Target is the only place you’ll be able to purchase it, but regardless of the format, what should you expect? Definitely more Gloria, but it’s a dance record with the production and vibe of Pharrell, which is definitely not a bad thing. Fans of Mrs. Estefan will definitely enjoy the new grooves, and now it’s possible that Pharrell will have parents and grandparents getting into his VA hitmaking ways. Will this push Estefan to the forefront and outside of her core audience? We will see, and of course hear.

SOME STUFFS: Mark Sultan takes the road with a new album
Mark Sultan – “Song In Grey” by forcefieldpr
10/27 Edmonton, AB – Wunderbar
10/28 Calgary, AB – Broken City
10/29 Winnipeg, MB – The Royal Albert
11/02 Detroit, MI – The Lager House
11/03 Kalamazoo, MI – Louie’s Trophy Room
11/04 Milwaukee, WI – Club Garibaldi’s
11/05 Chicago, IL – Ultra Lounge
11/06 St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway
11/10 Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico – Cabare
11/11 Brooklyn, NY Bell House
11/15 Austin, TX – Mohawk
11/17 Portland, OR – East End
11/18 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
11/19 San Francisco, CA – The Hemlock
11/22 Palm Springs, CA – Dillon Roadhouse
11/23 Los Angeles, CA – Bordello
11/25 Long Beach, CA – Alex’s Bar
11/26 San Diego, CA – Bar Pink
11/28 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
11/30 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
12/01 New York, NY – Cake Shop
12/02 Boston, MA – Magic Room Gallery

What are these? These are tour dates that will involve the following songs in some form:
1. Axis Abraxas
2. Satisfied And Lazy
3. Song In Grey
4. Just Like Before
5. Calloused Hands
6. In Future Worlds
7. Let Me Freeze
8. If I Had a Polaroid
9. Never Coming Home
10. Graveyard Eyes
11. Party Crasher
12. No Worries
13. For Those Who Don’t Exist

What do these songs represent? A new album by Mark Sultan called Whatever/Whenever (In The Red), to be released on October 25th. In truth, this album is a compilation of two albums he’ll be releasing on vinyl, Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want, so you can have the best of both or all words.

This article is missing an image of Sultan, you say? Here he is by a tree.

He isn’t interesting in standing there forever, in fact he can’t do that since he’ll be going on tour.

SOME STUFFS: Mateo gets coolio by “Saying It’s So”

This is Mateo and for now the name and his music is unknown to you and most others. You can change this. How? Reading this is the first step, now make the second if you wish.

His bio states Mateo is from “heaven” and comes courtesy of a gift from there, which is complete B.S. This is a nice way of saying that he has talent, and he is worthy of attention, but is he? Decide for yourself. His true roots reside in Ohio, and his grandparents were deep music lovers as well, with his grandfather being a session musician for King Records, known as James Brown‘s stomping grounds. That passion for music has moved through the generations, but Mateo wants to be known for his own thing, and it is that “thing” that helped him get attention by Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, who helped Alicia Keys get to the position she’s at today. Now, Mateo is about to present his style of music for this and the next generation with his music, beginning with his collabration with Miss Keys, “Say It’s So”. Does it work? Listen to it for yourself. Say Its So featuring Alicia Keys by MateoMusic

His bio says he’s destined to be a “living legend”, but don’t get too big-headed right now. That sets you and anyone else for failure, but at least give him a chance and hear if he has what it takes to make it to “I want to hear more” status.