REVIEW: Deserters’ “Fail Yourself”

Photobucket Deserters play the kind of crunchy, punch worthy hardcore/metal that you either love or think it’s not worth your cup of Bon Jovi. On their Fail Yourself EP (Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare), they bring together elements of Pantera, Carnivore, System Of A Down, Cro-Mags, Slipknot, and Sick Of It All with the kind of slick accuracy that shows they know how to pull the best out of their music and make it louder and stronger. I can see a song like “Everyday’s The Same” becoming a new anthem for the downtrodden, especially when the song reaches the line “I know just what you mean to me” before it pukes out for one last stabbing at the 3:30 mark, and you realize it’s relationship song. It’s a brutal way to say “I hate you for breaking up with me” but it works. “Death, Taxes & The Unexpected” sounds like what the world may feel like today, and for anyone of us actually living in the machine described in the lyrics, this song may provoke fear in the teenagers who are looking at this as being their last year in high school, either hoping to be the one to change their generation, or hiding in fear because of Deserters’ expressed fear. They describe a world where no one succeeds and no one wins, I can see this creating some furious pit action come show time, with a 40 year old man running in and passing the kids a flag of hope that will be burned and stomped on.

Yes, this EP is that brutal, with guitars set-up in alternate tunings and the drums coming off like machine gun fire. The title of the EP could be a way of saying that if you choose to Fail Yourself, everything in life could only get better if you’re willing to fight yourself out of complete misery. I think it’s a worthy battle and with a name like Deserters, it’s sure to piss off those who probably don’t care about their intentions.

(You can pre-order Fail Yourself in a number of different bundles supported by the band on their Facebook page, or you can pre-order directly from Amazon.)

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