REVIEW: Thurston Moore’s “Demolished Thoughts”

Photobucket Being a Sonic Youth fan means putting faith in anything and everything that they do. You don’t *have* to like it of course, but it means that you are someone who is fairly open to a wide range of styles anyway, and being open means they’re music is open to interpretation. Case in point: the new solo album by guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore.

Demolished Thoughts has been promoted a bit as a more delicate side of his music, as if it was an acoustic/folk album. In a way it is, but I also consider this to be a more stylized demo, as in “these could’ve been demos for future songs meant to be taken towards a more electric/distorted place, but I’ll leave them as is.” A lot of times, those primitive tracks often reveal things in a song and composition that listeners might overlook when hearing them behind walls of noise. This cuts the sonic crap (pun sarcastically intended) and shows Moore to be as delicate and poetic as he’s ever been, as someone who could be a hero but is too busy scanning his back issues of Sassy in order to adorn himself with such worship. While I wouldn’t mind hearing these songs taken in a more louder fashion, I like it as is. I’d prefer to hear these songs embraced by singers who one would normally not think of as being Sonic Youth-friendly. Give this to Jennifer Hudson or Jennifer Nettles, hell give some congas to Jenny Craig.

In truth, nothing I will say will change the mind of SY fans, and I’m a longtime SY fan so let me at least say that if you have shied away from this because others have said it’s different, then don’t. SY have been always been “different” and will be “different” to someone, and really you were never the kind of person who wanted sameness out of them anyway. A great album, and one that may open your close-minded friends to Moore and his discography.

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