REVIEW: Paul Rutherford’s “Oh World” (2 CD remaster)

Photobucket While Holly Johnson was known as being the lead vocalist of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, there are many who will tell that second vocalist Paul Rutherford was the group’s true source or energy. He was always there with his energetic dancing and charisma, and heard throughout many of their songs. When the group split up, it was expected for Johnson to release a solo album but in 1989, Rutherford came out with one too, one that managed to give him a huge hits but barely caused a dent in the U.S., with the exception of clubs. It may surprise fans of 80’s music even more that a label has released a 2CD deluxe edition of that album.

Oh World (Cherry Pop) is newly remastered and is a 2CD affair, with the second disc featuring remixes and vinyl-only cuts. Rutherford shows his love of dance and disco throughout all of these songs, but he was merely a lover of pop,as songs lik e”Get Real”, “Cracked Wide Open”, and “Half The Picture Show”. His cover of Chic‘s “I Want Your Love” would do very well if it was released in 2011. The vibe of the album is not unlike what George Michael did with Faith in 1987, and hearing this album 22 years after its initial release, it should have been up there with that album.

Maybe Rutherford didn’t need any support from North America to prove his validity, but a lot of people weren’t even aware Rutherford did anything with the group but dance, so this is not only a reissue, but a re-introduction and re-awareness of the not-so-forgotten Frankie, who made a decent attempt at trying to move away from the group’s spotlight. For all intents and purposes, this album was a musical success but now those who weren’t aware of it the first time can appreciate it for the decent dance pop album that it is.

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