SOME STUFFS: Gloria Estefan gets down with Pharrell Williams on new album

Arguably, Gloria Estefan doesn’t need Pharrell Williams to make her a superstar, she has been doing this back when Williams didn’t understand how to shake his rump effectively. But they did collaborate with not just one or two songs or remixes, but a full length album.


The album is called Miss Little Havana, and this could easily become one of the more interesting album projects of 2011, and rightfully so. If you want the physical CD, Target is the only place you’ll be able to purchase it, but regardless of the format, what should you expect? Definitely more Gloria, but it’s a dance record with the production and vibe of Pharrell, which is definitely not a bad thing. Fans of Mrs. Estefan will definitely enjoy the new grooves, and now it’s possible that Pharrell will have parents and grandparents getting into his VA hitmaking ways. Will this push Estefan to the forefront and outside of her core audience? We will see, and of course hear.

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