SOME STUFFS: Doctor P preparing to record debut album

This would have been filled with a lot of doctor and medical metaphors, you know, “time for a musical dosage? Then call up Doctor P for a unique prescrption” or something but I thought that was corny so…

However, if you know who Doctor P is (and as you can see, this is not Master P after a few medical procedures), you may have wanted to know if he can endure for a full length project, especially in this era when singles are hot and anything longer than 4 to 6 minutes makes you not. But Doctor P has signed a deal with Big Beat/Atlantic and will be putting together an album very soon. Until then, he will be doing some shows and that should help stir up interest and attention, including what is sure to be a massive New Year’s Eve part in Denver, Colorado. Check him if you can.

Oct 28 Seattle WaMu Theater
Oct 29 Seattle WaMu Theater
Oct 29 San Bernardino NOS Events Center
Nov 4 Sacramento Estrellita Ballroom
Nov 5 San Francisco The Factory
Dec 31 Denver Colorado Convention Center

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