REVIEW/RECORD CRACK: Deru’s “Mini-Mini-Me” (7″ 45)

Photobucket Two songs is alll you need at times, and sometimes two songs is all you’d ever get. Deru knows the deal, and has released a single that teams him up with two of hip-hop’s best. Casual talks about feeling high in the extra-green “Spliff”, and is sure to get people lighting up some doobs. On the flipside you have Gift Of Gab dishing out his trademark mental wits with “Bad Bad Man”, and it’s one of those songs where you might wish for extra minute but you realize the cut-off point is perfection as is. Pick this 45 up while you can, as only 200 copies are being made.

(For more information on this single, click over to Mush Records for more details.)

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