REVIEW: Kate Reid’s “The Love I’m In”

Photobucket When I saw that Kate Reid had a new album, I eagerly awaited to hear it. The Love I’m In (self-released) is a continuation of her talents as a pianist and singer, and after enjoying her previous album, I was… let me just get to this point.

Those of you who keep up with my reviews here know that I’m not always fond of vocal jazz, but when I hear a voice that pulls me in, I want to stay there. The Love I’m In is music of someone whose voice is warm and comforting, and as I said before, there is a slight Diana Krall feel to what she does but the more I listen, the more I hear more of her own qualities. Her approach to each of these jazz standards is quite good, very respectable not only to the songwriters and artists who have made it their own, but to the sentiment of each of these songs. As for her piano work, it’s great when she gets locked in a moment after a chorus and I would not mind hearing a full instrumental project from her.

The Love I’m In may be emotional, but it’s very much musical, for the title kind of suggests that she is within what she loves the most, and that’s the songs that have moved people throughout the generations. Now it’s time for this generation to understand these songs, and to discover the talents of Reid.

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