REVIEW: Robert Deeble’s “Heart Like Feathers”

Photobucket It has been awhile since Robert Deeble released new music, but he will be doing so in February with the long awaited Heart Like Feathers (self-released), and for anyone who enjoys the work of singer/songwriters who are true to their art by being introspective and retrospective at the same time, pick this up.

What I got from this album is a heavy Americana vibe, or at least using that will help him get a bit of attention outside of the United States. There are elements of country, folk, and pop that makes this music appealing, and a few of the songs reminded me of the works of Jeff Tweedy and Wilco. While Seattle is generally known for its rainy days, it can also be a very cold place in the fall and winter months, so this is an album that will be a soundtrack for what many people in the Pacific Northwest will be feeling. “The Colors Of Dying”, “Scarecrow”, and “Hearing Voices Seeing Ghosts” are seductively eerie, and it’s my way of saying that you’re drawn to his emotional stories. That’s also a key factor: these are “stories” that you can unfold in your mind upon listening to this, and at the end, you’ll want to “read” these stories again, or at least to keep them in storage for future mental evaluation.

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