SOME STUFFS: Sea Lions throw a ball back in the form of a full length album

In different circumstances, when you see an album cover photo like this, you go “eh” and go home. But this is a band called Sea Lions, and perhaps their stale expressions may make you go “hmmm, I wonder what was in the air before this photo was shot. Maybe grandma farted?” It is uncertain, but I’d like to think there’s an alternate photo of all of them smiling and/or laughing.

This is the cover shot for the band’s forthcoming album, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask, to be released by Slumberland Records on November 22nd. You can listen to and/or download a song from the album for free by clicking the player below.
Sea Lions – Grown Up by Slumberland Records

Oh yeah, as for a photo outtake from the album cover session? Here are some smiles. Okay, well four out of five smiles.


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