REVIEW: Ryan Davidson Trio self-titled album

Photobucket The Ryan Davidson Trio are not only an amazing jamband, but each member of the group are named Ryan. How they scored that, I don’t know, but that’s besides the point. Their self-titled album is the type featuring music that you generally don’t hear about anymore in wide-open circles. It starts out in an epic way, not unlike those great bands in the 70’s who would come in (musically) and take over the place. No words, just concentrate on the music and start exploring, which I like. They’ll get into a few jazzy moments, and a few songs that are low-key and might sound perfect at a galleria opening, but for the most part they are rockers with a love for jazz and… okay, maybe that’s a stereotypical statement. But this truly rocks in that rustic way. I may have liked a slightly more open/festive style of production, as sometimes things fall flat with lack of movement, but that’s me. It’s clean, it’s mixed well, so apart from what I wish I had heard. this is a quality recording from a decent band.

BTW – this album is credited as being released in 2010 but apparently they’re giving it a renewed promotional kick in late 2011 so consider this a chance to find out what they are about.

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