RECORD CRACK: P.S. I Love You – Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me” (Holland sleeve)

In my Tumblr blog I talked about how I remembered the first time I heard and found out about Van Halen. While Van Halen would not be dominant in the singles market until the 80’s, Warner Bros. did release their cover of The Kinks‘ “You Really Got Me” as a 45 (b/w the more aggressive “Atomic Punk”) but outside of FM radio, the single only sold moderately well. Back then, you bought the album and that was that. Warner Bros. did release a 5-song 12″ EP with the song, which meant better audio quality for radio stations, but this was promotional-only, especially in an era when 12″ singles was more for “dance/disco” records and not thought of as a means to hear a better quality version of a hard rock song.

In other countries, “You Really Got Me” received a lot of attention, including in the Netherlands where this picture sleeve is sourced. The photos of the band were found on the inner sleeve, so to see it used as the main images on a cover is pretty interesting.

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