RECORD CRACK: P.S. I Love You – Propaganda’s “Duel”

As an avid fan of the Zang Tuum Tumb (ZTT) empire, I enjoyed obtaining anything and (almost) everything the label released from 1983 to about 1987. One of the primary groups of ZTT’s early days was Propaganda, and sadly they did not make a major or minor dent in the United States, despite the fact that they made some incredible music.

“Duel” was the second single by the group, and the first single to be released in the U.S. on ZTT/Island. The painting was done by photographer Anton Corbijn, while the photo of vocalist Claudia Brücken was shot by David Levine. If you bought the 12″, it would feature vocalist Susanne Freytag in an equal photo of rage. Two sexy women getting angry? Awesome. As a Corbijn fan and a huge fan of how ZTT designed their covers, this just worked for me. Plus, when you bought the record, you could hear the calm synthpop of “Duel”, flip the record over and then year the much angrier take of the same song, but called “Jewel”.

The group would go on to release a few more singles (including “P-Machinery”) but outside of “Dr. Mabuse” being used during the intro to the film Some Kind Of Wonderful and “Duel” being used in mid-1980’s promos, Propaganda’s impact in North America was close to non-existent. Brücken would move on with a number of other projects and do work under her own name, but for me, it goes back to the glory of “Duel”.

0 thoughts on “RECORD CRACK: P.S. I Love You – Propaganda’s “Duel”

  1. Always nice to read something about Propaganda anywhere, but as far as the photography concerned I have to correct you. Yes, Anton Corbijn did do photography and video work for the group, but the cover photo as pictured above was shot by David Levine. Corbijn did, however, make the black&white heart painting on the front side left.


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