SOME STUFFS: Old Monk are new band with debut album, ready in 2012

When I read bios, I (d)read it. I go through it and go “oh wow”/”oh shit” and that leads to a bit of cheer/regret.

When there is cheer, I want to know more. I see genres like progressive rock, indie rock and pop punk and I think “okay, what is this about?” Old Monk are, as you can see, a trio. Tsugumi Takashi (bass, backup vocals), Ian Burns (drums), and Josh Carrafa (guitar & vocals) look like their having fun, however manipulated, and what I see is a man holding a popcorn machine, a lady trying to eat what popcorn is moving in the air, and another man holding a mannequin. This makes me go “WTF is going on?” but I’m curious because it looks fun, and I go back to the genres described. I say “fuck it”, I’m in.

They hail from Brooklyn, but their debut album will be released on an L.A. based label, Eenie Meenie Records. The album will be titled Birds of Belize, and this clash of things that make absolutely no sense to me is a push for me to want to hear them and make sense out of the nonsense information I’m given. But what I can make sense of is this:

  • Birds Of Belize will be released on January 17, 2012.
  • They will be doing shows in NYC, which will eventually get them to next year’s SXSW

    Then from there? Anything goes. Have a listen.

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