VIDEO: Maimouna Youssef’s “I Got A Man”

You may not know the name Maimouna Youssef off the head just yet, but if you are a fan of The Roots, you definitely have heard her. She was the vocalist in their song “Don’t Feel Right”, which lead her to being nominated for a Grammy.

She laid low this year with the release of an EP called Black Magic Woman, but in 2012, you will be hearing and seeing more from Youssef with the release of her self-released debut album, The Blooming. The video was directed by Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins, and if you know of his work in the past, you know what he’s capable of.

Again, Maimouna Youssef may not be a name you know of just yet, but listen and realize that yes, you do know. Then learn, Then wait. You know of her, now everyone else will too.

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