SOME STUFFS: Sophomore release for Frankie Rose on its way

It may very well go into overdrive, but that’s what it takes to get attention in 2012. Or at least to step away from the crowds and show off what you’re capable of, which is what Frankie Rose will be doing when she releases her second album next year. The album is called Interstellar (Slumberland/Memphis Industries), and will be released in the U.S. on February 21st, and a month later (March 19th) in the UK. How does the new music sound? The one word in the press release that stood out from the rest is “emotions”, which for me means if you liked her first album, you’ll find many reason to listen to the new one. If you live in or near Miami, Florida, you will be able to hear some of the new material when she performs at the Tom Tom Magazine Art Basel Party. For Brooklynites, you’ll be able to hear more when an album release part is scheduled on the day of release at the Knitting Factory.

December 3, 2011… Miami, FL Tom Tom Magazine Art Basel Party @ Sweat Records
February 21, 2012… Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory (Album Release Show – order tickets here)

Another word from the press release that stood out? “Streamlined”, and the fact that compared to the first album, Interstellar will have “no fuzz”. Whether or not that means the music has been shaved remains to be seen, heard, and felt, but you’ll have to wait for about two months until you get to experience it yourself.

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