DUST IT OFF: Thank you for 2011, more in 2012

Dust It Off is a series of articles, a section of ThisIsBooksMusic.com where I wanted to talk about my favorite albums and artists, and this year was one where these articles received a good amount of attention. I covered albums by Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Leaders Of The New School, A Tribe Called Quest and others, and it was not only a way to reflect, but for me to see how long ago these albums were released, how much life has been experienced (or not) and if these articles were a way for readers to do the same, I’m thankful, so mahalo nui (thank you very much) for taking time to read it.

Outside of some of the albums I plan on covering next year for Dust It Off, I’ve been thinking of some of the key songs that will be celebrating anniversaries, specifically those released in 1982. They include Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team‘s “Buffalo Gals”, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force‘s “Planet Rock”, and George Clinton‘s “Atomic Dog”. I was in the 6th grade in 1982, and for me that meant looking forward to stepping up to move from elementary school to intermediate. These songs are not only a major part of my youth, but I hear these songs and I revive some of those memories from my life back then, very fond memories. I was a P-Funk fan for years, but this was George Clinton “on his own”, and “Atomic Dog” seemed very cool. The video had him in a video game room, just like a lot of us kids in 1982. Him being an old funky man in a video game room was not an issue, for he was like an uncle to me, a music uncle who wore goofy clothes and hair. I’m popping over to Wikipedia to see the actual date of George Clinton’s birth, and I now realize that as I write this, I am now the same age George Clinton was when he shot the video for “Atomic Dog”. Bow wow wow yippie yo WTF, right?

Anyway, thank you again for reading Dust It Off and if any of you have suggestions or comments about this or any other section on my website, by all means post a reply, I love the feedback.

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