VIDEO: Red Fang’s “Hank Is Dead”

RED FANG – “Hank Is Dead” from Relapse Records on Vimeo.


With glimpses of beards, tattoos, shampoo, WTF?’o clock, and air guitar at Dante’s in downtown Portland, Red Fang are telling people that “Hank Is Dead”, and what a way to die.

AUDIO: Tensei’s “One” (EP)

Tensei are a Chicago-based production crew consisting of Simple X and Midas Wells, and together they have come up with an EP that is an example of their work and what they’re trying to accomplish with their music. It’s called One, and the EP features contributions from The Ones, Scud One, Phenom, Khari Lemuel, Scarlet Monk.

What kind of music this is? They create some smoothed out jazz-influenced soul and funk, but balance things with some head nod-worthy hip-hop, done primarily with real instrumentation and a collective of musicians helping them on their mission.

Don’t miss them on their mission.

(NOTE: The player below highlights 7 of the 10 tracks. The 7 tracks create the “EP”, but the three with vocals turn One into a full length album. If you like what you hear, show support by making a purchase.)

SOME STUFFS: PJ Bond has a number of shows ready for February

Ten Degrees and The Floor is the latest EP from singer/songwriter PJ Bond. His latest release is being made available for free via Bandcamp, so listen to it and see if it’s to your liking and if so, download it in the digital format of your choice, including FLAC lossless.

Don’t let the small tour itinerary fool you, Bond plans on doing a lot of those this year so if he’s not coming to your area this time, hopefully he’ll do so on future rounds. He will be doing a number of shows with Billy + Joe<, so check him and them out:
February 3 – Richmond, VA @ Alex’s Haus *
February 4 – Raleigh, NC @ Tir Na Nog *
February 5 – Wilmington, NC @ Bottega *
February 6 – Charleston, SC @ 60 America St *
February 7 – Savannah, GA @ No Control *
February 8 – Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub *
February 9 – St. Petersburg @ Fubar, FL *
February 10 – Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s *
February 11 – Tallahassee, FL @ Shark Tank *
February 15 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
February 16 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk
February 21 – Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA
February 23 – Memphis, TN @ Chicken Coup
February 25 – Asheville, NC @ Pessimansion

* with Billy + Joe

VIDEO: Czitrom’s “Sampletastic”

Sampletastic (Official Video) from Czitrom on Vimeo.

Dude, I don’t know how this guy moves around town without ever moving his feet or legs. You should watch…

It’s a clever video for a nice song. Makes me wish real life was like this, but it might be in Sweden, where Czitrom calls home. You can find out more about Czitrom by clicking to his official Facebook page.

FREE DOWNLOAD: D.O.N.’s “for dolo”

It has been almost three years since I last heard from D.O.N. (whose Commercial Free Broadcast album I reviewed here.), but this New Orleans has been busy and has just released a brand new project for all to hear, and this one is free.

This album is called for dolo, and it continues on through the work he has done recently, with thought provoking lyrics, deep and dirty production, and a style that makes him someone worth listening to, for those who like their hip-hop with thought. You can stream and listen to the album by clicking the Bandcamp player below, or if the player is not showing up, you may click here.

RECORD CRACK: Toro Y Moi releases 7 inch box set called “June 2009”

The reason Chaz Bundick looks so dark is because he has no curtains in his room, he’s playing guitar while being introspective, so he feels the sunlight would disrupt his vibe. Or something like that.

No matter. What does matter is that he, as Toro Y Moi, is releasing more music in April, but this is a collection of demos he recorded in 2009 as he was hoping to find an audience, any audience, who was willing to listen to him. He has since found that audience that he hopes will grow in the coming years, but he still felt a connection to those early recordings so he is releasing them as a box set of five 7″ 45’s, and is calling it June 2009 (Carpark).

Here are the musical contents of the box:

Side A
1. Best Around
Side B
2. Take The L To Leave

Side A
1. Girl Problems
Side B
2. Dead Pontoon

Side A
1. Ektelon
Side B
2. Drive South

Side A
1. Sad Sams
Side B
2. Talamak (First Version)

Side A
1. Warm Frames
Side B
2. New Loved Ones

If you are a diehard fan and noticed that a few of these songs are familiar, it was originally released as a tour-only CD, also called June 2009. While they are circulating in some form or other, it’s a chance for more fans to hear these early songs and include them in his growing -ography.

On top of that, the man is out and about again doing shows throughout Australasia during the current summer season before heading back into the northern hemisphere to do a few shows in Asia. If you are in these cities, adjust your coordinates and see him:

February 4… Melbourne, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 5… Sydney, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 8… .Sydney, AUS @ Manning Bar with Washed Out
February 9… Melbourne, AUS @ Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom with Washed Out
February 10… Adelaide, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 11… Perth, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 12… Singapore, SP @ Laneway Festival
February 14… Taipei, TW @ The Wall Livehouse
February 15… Manila, PH @ Hard Rock Cafe
February 17… Seoul, KR @ V Hall
February 19… Tokyo, JP @ Yebisu Garden Hall

Until then, you are able to download a track from June 2009 for free for a limited time by clicking the box below.

VIDEO: El Da Sensei featuring Tame One & DJ Kaos’ “Everyday In The Street (!llmind Remix)”

Look at the names:

El Da Sensei
Tame One
DJ Kaos

If that’s making you nuts, good for you. If not and are wondering why: these are all three original members of The Artifacts, united once again on a track found on El’s The Nu World Remix EP. If you have the EP and are wondering “hold up, where’s Rah Digga?”, I can’t answer that because I don’t know. Yet if they put together a quick video WITH her as well, make that double duty for the song and the EP.

VIDEO: David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj’s “Turn Me On”

People seem to love and flock to David Guetta as if he is the messiah, when people hear his tracks, the dance floor gets moist. Now you have Nicki Minaj in the track, and people will have sonic boners.

The song is from Guetta’s Nothing But The Beat album, and you can now see Nicki turn from something plastic to something (somewhat) real. I personally would prefer if she rapped and did some dancehall toasting throughout the track, but to be honest, her singing voice is not bad. I’d prefer it without all of the auto-tune, but maybe a new mix is in order. She remains sexy as always.

VIDEO: M.anifest’s “Makaa Maka”

M.anifest is one of my favorite MC’s out there, and when he releases something new, I make it a priority to listen. In this case, it’s also a means to watch. “Makaa Maka” is translated from Twi as Twi “If I said it I said it” or “I say it without apology”. In other words, if he says what he means, then he means what he says. It makes me wish more people were aware of this guy, because he deserves to be up there with some of the best, because he is one of the best. If you are a fan, you know what I speak. If you’re wondering “can this guy be that good?”, then watch and listen for yourself. In the words of M.anifest, “makaa maka” indeed.

The video was directed by Isaac Offei Awuah, and what I also like about this video is that he’s dropping a track on the tracks.

VIDEO: Venomous2000’s “Where Ya At (Machinist Remix)”

When I hear the jazzy sample that runs through it, I immediately think of the great music of the past. Its use may or may not be a way to tie in those good vibes and struggles of the past to show that while there are hard times today and ahead of us, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate positive vibes.

Either that, or sampling funky shit is just a means of celebrating funky shit.

The video is fairly simple: a walk through a parking lot leads to one wanting to just listen to some music in serenity, and in this case it could be a forest, a means of open land, might be down the street from where this guy lives. But it it’s a good way to regroup and move on, and allow you to figure out, once again, “Where Ya At”.

You can find the track on Venomous2000‘s compilation found on Bandcamp called A Moment To Reflect Volume II.