VIDEO: Phonte’s “Dance In The Reign”

PHONTE – Dance In The Reign (Official Music Video directed by Kenneth Price) from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Phonte Coleman is one of the more gifted artists out there, and of any generation, but I feel that people will not appreciate him as fully as they should until after the fact. His singing is the type of singing I enjoy, and when he drops rhymes, there’s that humor and honesty that to me always made the best comedians. He may not be a “comedian” by title, but Phonte is comedic when need be, and incredibly serious and passionate when it comes to, as he says in the song, making music not just for hip-hop, but because he has to pay his mortgage and bills.

This is a new video from his Charity Starts At Home album, directed by Kenneth Price, and the video is a slight throwback to 90’s hip-hop videos when all you needed was attitude, a tight song and a way to turn your video from color to black & white while eliminating any levels of red, and of course grit. It’s a “future classic”.

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