VIDEO: Hunters’ “Acid Head”

Hunters – Acid Head from Daniel Martens on Vimeo.

New York City is the place where Hunters calls their headquarters. They are on tour in support of their Hands on Fire, and while I could say “they made a video to support the tour, that’s not what it is. This video looks like what would happen if someone smuggled Zbigniew Rybczyński into a random room used for making weird public access shows, fed him corned beef hash and hashish, and said “here, this is what we want for you to do.” It’s a very trippy video that is one part low-budget mid to late 80’s, with a shovels worth of snow, snot, and a box of Snuggles. The music sounds like something that would’ve lead to massive pit action, and when I say pit action, I mean not only the mosh pit, but waiting outside as someone has armpit sex with your significant other. Sick? This “Acid Head” video might give you a seizure, and that can’t be good so if you are unable to cop with rapid images and flickering, turn your head away.

You will not be able to turn your head if you plan on seeing them in the following cities:
January 21… Kansas City, MO (Midland)
January 23… Houston, TX (Granada)
January 25… Austin, TX (Stubbs)
January 26… New Orleans, LA (House Of Blues)
January 28… Ft Lauderdale, FL (Revolution)
January 29… Lake Buena Vista, FL (House Of Blues)
January 30… Tampa, FL (The Ritz)
February 1… Atlanta, GA (The Masquerade)
February 2… Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
February 3… Boston, MA (Royale Boston)
February 5… Montreal, Que (L’Olympia)
February 7… Toronto, ON (Kool Haus)
February 11… New York, NY (Terminal 5)

Not sure if there will be as many lines in their stage show as their is in their video, so wear 3D glasses, just in case.

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