SOME STUFFS: Museum Mouth understand why you are “Sexy But Not Happy”

Museum Mouth are a band who were known for their noisy distorted shit, and good shit it was. They maintain all of that chaos in something a bit more refined, which for some might mean “oh, they’re trying to make hit songs” but really, are you making anything worth listening to? Maybe not, but Museum Mouth are work listening to, especially today as they just released an album called Sexy But Not Happy.

What does the title mean? Not sure, but I think we as adults may want to think sexy, or do things sexy, but we become so flummoxed that we end up being as innocent as this kid.

Some of the music on this album is anything but innocent, but you may hear them with wide eyes, so take a chance.

Museum Mouth- Kitchen Floor from Museum Mouth on Vimeo.

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