RECORD CRACK: Toro Y Moi releases 7 inch box set called “June 2009”

The reason Chaz Bundick looks so dark is because he has no curtains in his room, he’s playing guitar while being introspective, so he feels the sunlight would disrupt his vibe. Or something like that.

No matter. What does matter is that he, as Toro Y Moi, is releasing more music in April, but this is a collection of demos he recorded in 2009 as he was hoping to find an audience, any audience, who was willing to listen to him. He has since found that audience that he hopes will grow in the coming years, but he still felt a connection to those early recordings so he is releasing them as a box set of five 7″ 45’s, and is calling it June 2009 (Carpark).

Here are the musical contents of the box:

Side A
1. Best Around
Side B
2. Take The L To Leave

Side A
1. Girl Problems
Side B
2. Dead Pontoon

Side A
1. Ektelon
Side B
2. Drive South

Side A
1. Sad Sams
Side B
2. Talamak (First Version)

Side A
1. Warm Frames
Side B
2. New Loved Ones

If you are a diehard fan and noticed that a few of these songs are familiar, it was originally released as a tour-only CD, also called June 2009. While they are circulating in some form or other, it’s a chance for more fans to hear these early songs and include them in his growing -ography.

On top of that, the man is out and about again doing shows throughout Australasia during the current summer season before heading back into the northern hemisphere to do a few shows in Asia. If you are in these cities, adjust your coordinates and see him:

February 4… Melbourne, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 5… Sydney, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 8… .Sydney, AUS @ Manning Bar with Washed Out
February 9… Melbourne, AUS @ Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom with Washed Out
February 10… Adelaide, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 11… Perth, AUS @ Laneway Festival
February 12… Singapore, SP @ Laneway Festival
February 14… Taipei, TW @ The Wall Livehouse
February 15… Manila, PH @ Hard Rock Cafe
February 17… Seoul, KR @ V Hall
February 19… Tokyo, JP @ Yebisu Garden Hall

Until then, you are able to download a track from June 2009 for free for a limited time by clicking the box below.

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