VIDEO: LX Sweat’s “Touch Your Body”

LX SWEAT – TOUCH YOUR BODY from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Sometimes I’ll post a video and not really comment about why I like it. In this case I will. I was unaware of LX Sweat until now, but wanted to check out what he was about. The song sounds like some long lost cassette found in a shoebox marked 1981, a mixture of powerful synth pop and the kind of eerieness to the keyboards that may make older fans say “you had to be there”, but in truth sounds just as cool as it did when this style was more well known. Not exactly “popular”, but if you watched late night music video shows or paid attention to the works of Giorgio Moroder in the movie work he did, this will make sense.

Now you have LX Sweat in the video, and he lip-synchs his video in what I had thought was a leotard, but is just a shirt with a low neckline. Fair enough. The effect is very funny, but it works. On top of that, the videos shown behind him look like something he either edited from old VHS tapes found at a thrift store, or this is his secret VHS tape he recorded (or someone passed on to him). There’s a sense of humor that doesn’t need to be here, but it’s there and we can all listen to this lightheartedly. The music isn’t humorous, it’s quite good, and apparently he feels bold enough to say he either wants to touch your body, or perhaps you should touch your body while listening to his music.

The song is from his cassette-only album Sweat Sweat Sweat, which you can order directly from No Not Fun.

VIDEO: Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker’s “Been Told”

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – Been Told (Prod. by The Hood Internet) from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Mekka-lekka-hi make-a-heiny ho!

This is from the era when shaved duvets were still not quite in, it was still “exotic” and “daring”. The lack of bulk was not seen, but soon it would be in a very smooth fashion. You may not have any idea of what I’m referring to, and you’re probably thinking “pubic hair”?

Anyway, this is a new video of a recent song taking visuals from yesteryear, and it’s fun. The track was produced by The Hood Internet, and it too is smooth and shaven.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Realistic’s “Token Gestures”

A few weeks ago I reviewed Realistic‘s Drowned In Meaning (review can be read here). Now you’re able to see a video from the album with “Token Gestures”, and just as James Towning likes to twist around his varied sampled sources, his videos are just the same way. It’s a history of our pop culture done in a compressed fashion, and I like it.

Realistic “Token Gestures” from Realistic on Vimeo.

SOME STUFFS: Craft Spells to open up for The Drums on forthcoming tour

Last week, Craft Spells announced their scheduled for this year’s SXSW music gathering. On leap day, the band have a new announcement: a full-on tour. A month after they clear the dust from SXSW, the band will be opening up for The Drums. Part Time will join the tour as well. Here’s all of the scheduled stops:

March 14… Austin, TX (Urban Outfitters Back Lot – 6pm)
March14… Austin, TX (Spill Bar – Midnight)
March 15… Austin, TX (Austin Convention Center – 1pm)
March 16… Austin, TX (SXSeattle Party @ The Palm)
March 17… Austin, TX (Whiskey Room)
March 17… Austin, TX (Captured Tracks Showcase @ The Parish – Midnight)

April 21… Salem, OR (Willamette University – Wulapalooza)
April 22… New York, NY (Webster Hall) *
April 23… Philadelphia, PA (Union Transfer) *
April 25… Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club) *
April 26… Montreal, QC (Cabaret Mile End) *
April 27… Toronto, ON (Phoenix Concert Theatre) *
April 29… Chicago, IL (Subterranean) *
April 30… Minneapolis, MN (Fine Line Music Café) *
May 1… Omaha, NE (The Waiting Room) *
May 3… Denver, CO (Hi Dive) *
May 5… Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge) *
May 6… Boise, ID (Reef Boise) *
May 8… Vancouver, BC (Venue) *
May 9… Seattle, WA (Neumos) *
May 10… Portland, OR (Doug Fir Lounge) *
May-12… San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall) *
May-13… Las Vegas, NV (Body English – Hard Rock Hotel) *
May-14… Los Angeles, CA (El Rey Theatre) *
May-26… George, WA (Sasquatch Music Festival)

* = w/ The Drums, Part Time

VIDEO: Freestyle Fellowship’s “This Write Here”;

A music video with a stern warning:
This video may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

This is not a joke. Images flutter and it may look cool in a room with the lights down, but if you can’t handle video with intense strobe, do not watch this, or at least turn around and just listen to the music. You have been warned.

VIDEO: Iroquois Falls’ “Hey Annie (Twice Born Once From A Gun)”

Hey Annie (Twice Born Once From a Gun) from iroquois falls on Vimeo.

Sleeping is not your friend” is a statement a lot of us can relate to, and it is a lyric that Priya Thomas sings as Iroquois Falls. The song is part of the Twice Born Once From A Gun EP written and recorded after the loss of Thomas’ good friend, and she decided to put her emotions into song. I think music like this is sorely needed in today’s marketplace, although take away what the “marketplace” tends to represent, and this is just good, emotional music with heart, sorrow, and hope. Again, it’s a necessity to hear it and to hear it done this way. For fans of Fiona Apple, Lydia Lunch, and Patti Smith.

VIDEO: Dylan Ettinger’s “Wintermute”

DYLAN ETTINGER – WINTERMUTE from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

This song is from Dylan Ettinger‘s latest album, Lifetime of Romance (No Not Fun), and goes back to a time when making music videos that had absolutely nothing to do with anything was common. Find a warehouse or basement, maybe even a back room, have someone dance, and boom, there’s your video. Dancers are sexy? Great. Nude? Hey, even better.

As for the album, No Not Fun will be releasing it very soon. Consider this a preview.

VIDEO: Yinka Diz’s “Overnight Scenario”

In the !llmind-produced “Overnight Scenario”, the self-proclaimed “African Hendrix”, Yinka Diz, talks about how he’s not going out like that, and demonstrates why he’s an MC who writes and rhymes well. Having the right flow makes it all that much more believable, because if you sound sloppy, no one wants to hear you. In this case, you’ll want to hear him, AND see him, which you can do by checking out the video for the song.

AUDIO: Lil’ Daggers’ share new song from forthcoming UK single Lil’ Daggers made one of the best albums of 2011, and they’re about to release a single on Smoky Carrot Records, a label out of the UK. The song is called “Stray Chank”, the title of which either sounds raunchy, smelly, hilarious, sarcastic, or none of them. Regardless of the title, it’s the music that sounds so you should listen to this.

The song can also be found on the new Smoky Carrot compilation, Smoky Times. Vol. 1, released earlier this week (February 27th), but you’ll also want to get the single for its B-side, “Snake Bird”, which you can hear by clicking here. Eh, get them all.

Lil’ Daggers will be doing a split 7″ with The Underground Youth, aiming for a June release.