VIDEO: LX Sweat’s “Touch Your Body”

LX SWEAT – TOUCH YOUR BODY from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Sometimes I’ll post a video and not really comment about why I like it. In this case I will. I was unaware of LX Sweat until now, but wanted to check out what he was about. The song sounds like some long lost cassette found in a shoebox marked 1981, a mixture of powerful synth pop and the kind of eerieness to the keyboards that may make older fans say “you had to be there”, but in truth sounds just as cool as it did when this style was more well known. Not exactly “popular”, but if you watched late night music video shows or paid attention to the works of Giorgio Moroder in the movie work he did, this will make sense.

Now you have LX Sweat in the video, and he lip-synchs his video in what I had thought was a leotard, but is just a shirt with a low neckline. Fair enough. The effect is very funny, but it works. On top of that, the videos shown behind him look like something he either edited from old VHS tapes found at a thrift store, or this is his secret VHS tape he recorded (or someone passed on to him). There’s a sense of humor that doesn’t need to be here, but it’s there and we can all listen to this lightheartedly. The music isn’t humorous, it’s quite good, and apparently he feels bold enough to say he either wants to touch your body, or perhaps you should touch your body while listening to his music.

The song is from his cassette-only album Sweat Sweat Sweat, which you can order directly from No Not Fun.

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