REVIEW: PO PO’s “Dope Boy Magick”

Photobucket PO PO has been getting a bit of attention, more because of their connection with Mad Decent, which is one thing, but does their music live up to the hype? As I’m listening to Dope Boy Magick, I’m trying to find something/anything that’ll make me go “yeah, now this is something that I can go nuts over” but unfortunately, I’m not hearing it.

What I do hear is a band that tries to combine a decent indie rock asthetic and mixes it with a bit of modernity, which is perfectly okay because it means they’re trying to push themselves. Unfortunately, while they have decent hooks, there’s not much else going on with them, at least not on this album. I can hear why fans will like them, but how long are fans going to want to stick around? Uncertain. I hear some bold things on this, but will wait to hear how they’ll expand and explore on future releases.

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