REVIEW: Thavius Beck’s “Amber Embers Volume 2 & 3”

I’ve been a fan of Thavius Beck‘s music for awhile, and for the last few weeks have been enjoying and absorbing volume 2 and 3 of his series of EP’s on Mush Records. I’m about to do a review, so I search for the cover artwork and discover that the band has a brand new EP on another label. How come I didn’t hear about this?

Thus, I’m here about to review Amber Embers Volume 2 and Volume 3, which continues to explore and expand the mindstate of what Beck has been doing in the last few years. If you’ve entered his work of the past, this takes a few hints of what was and pushes things beyond to the next universe or two. “MPCless” is the closest to what Beck did before, and yet it feels good because it’s familiar, it’s funky, and you can’t help but cheer. Yet the other tracks on these EP’s show someone who is really to either try out the next shit, or he’s preparing you for what he has been interested in all along.

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