REVIEW/RECORD CRACK: Souleance’s “La Gourmandise” (7″ single)

Photobucket If you are a fan of soul and funk remixes, recreations, revisions, edits, and sample based dancefloor slammers, you are going to love Souleance, as they have a brand new single on First Word that is just a mere taste of what will be on their forthcoming album.

First, let’s go to the B-side, featuring two brief tracks that may be short but are powerful. “La Ville Rose” and “Tryin'” may sound like songs from the distant past because they are, but are they given the hip-hop treatment or an enhancement of the funk? When you hear it, they work on their own as separate tracks and I’m curious to hear how other producers and remixers will help to expand them.

However, there’s a reason why “Schack” is the A-side. From the top, I can still this is going to make the dancefloors pop with an irresistible bassline that will make people go “wait, this sounds familiar” but it’s merely a signal to drop all conceptions and just dance. It’s as if 1973 was still around, complete with police theme song horns and the kind of reverb that’ll make you want to cry. Don’t cry though, for Souleance is only (contributors to) the rhythm.

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