REVIEW: Silver Swans’ “Forever”

Photobucket The brand new album by Silver Swans sounds like something that would’ve been perfect in 1982, 1992, and yes, in 2012, as the elements that I hear that might be nostalgic is something I think is missing in a lot of today’s music. Then again, this style of dreamy, synthy pop has never been that mainstream and when it does get co-opted, it sounds like crap. Forever (Twentyseven) sounds like the kind of music that could become the soundtrack to someone’s youth, especially a track like “Diary Land”, where one will be able to document ones life and be able to tie it in with a song like this. These songs of reflection will become someone else’s music of reflection, so it’s perfect.

These songs are incredibly catchy and listen to this enough times, you’ll be singing them at the bus stop or boat bungalows. They are accessible enough to where they could be used in movies and television, and the music nerd in you wants to hold them within so no one steals the music and majestic power you feel. Why not share that with someone who feels the same way you do? Again, it’s dreamy pop that makes you want to stay up to enjoy everything life has to offer.

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