FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: OHM Dedication Series #1: Beautiful Swimmers Present Don Cherry

One Handed Music (OHM) have just posted their inaugural mix in their newly-announced OHM Dedication Series. There will be 12 mixes created by 12 different artists throughout the year, and for this one, legendary jazz musician Don Cherry is being honored by the Washington, DC-based Beautiful Swimmers. If you’re a jazz fan, a devotee of Cherry, or just someone who wants to expand your mind a bit with a blend of the old and new, try this out. Stream and listen, or download for free.

As for the graphic above, it was designed by Emily Evans, created with her perspective of the music

1. Don Cherry – Brown Rice
2. Old & New Dreams – Song For The Whales
3. Trilok Gurtu – Shangri La/Usfret
4. Don Cherry – Moving Pictures For The Ear
5. Don Cherry & Latif Khan – Air Mail
6. Don Cherry – Journey of Malarepa
7. Don Cherry – Brilliant Action/Amejelo (drum solo Ed Blackwell)
8. Sonny Murray – Black Art (poem Amiri Baraka)
9. Terry Riley, Don Cherry, Karl Berger – Piece 1, Koln Concert 1975
10. Don Cherry – Kamapa Chenno
11. Don Cherry – Love Train
12. Tullio Di Piscopo – Stop Bajon
13. Bengt Berger – Tongsi
14. Old & New Dreams – Guinea

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