REVIEW: Cristina Morrison’s “I Love”

Photobucket With an album cover that showed confidence on her behalf, I looked at the title and had to question it. What exactly does Cristina Morrison love on I Love? The answers lie within each of the album’s nine songs, and it is worth finding out what those answers may or may not be.

For fans of vocal jazz with a nice pop and soulful touch, Morrison is a vocalist who sounds like she has a lot to love, and in return a lot to give back. These songs show such a rich maturity, it makes me wish that this was today’s pop music because it deserves to be, and Morrison is a singer that should be teaching these young ladies (and a number of male singers) how to… sing, period. The bluesy vibe of “Fifteen Day Affair”, complete with a harmonica solo that will bring to mind the bright moments in Stevie Wonder‘s discography, will definitely make you wish you were having an affair or seeing the possibility of one with a window view full of rainy days. So what makes this work for me? Morrison doesn’t sing like someone who is trying too hard to prove a point, it irks me when there are singers who do a bit of a gymnastics dog show in order to say “hey, look at me”. Sure, I’m looking but I still want to hear, and Morrison (to me) represents a singer’s singer. When she gets into singing in a bebop fashion or something that might make Natalie Cole proud, I Love is one vocal jazz album that is worth a listen or two, and worth suggestion to any and all.

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