SOME STUFFS: P.G. Six to bring smiles on the road

It has been a few years since P.G. Six were last together in a studio to record music. Either that or they’ve been living the good life and have been keeping any recording sessions a big secret. My guess is that it’s more of the former, but that has changed.

As you can see, the look happy and content, and that could mean one of many things:
1) Someone made a joke
2) The second guy farted
3) New album

My guess? #3 and perhaps a hint of #2, but this is unconfirmed. After a four year break, the band released Starry Mind (Drag City) last summer, and what is confirmed is this list of tour dates, as P.G. Six are bringing their new music and fan-favorites to who else? The fans, along with the guy who has to scrub toilets at the venues they play at. He’ll have fun, as you should. They’ll do two shows in April before taking another break, and then they own May:

April 12… Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly
April 13… Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel
May 3… Somerville, MA @ Radio
May 4… Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo
May 5… Toronto, ON @ Placebo Space
May 6… Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog
May 7… Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
May 8… Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar
May 9… Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
May 10… Washington, DC @ DC9
May 11… Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
May 12… Baltimore, MD @ Golden West Café

(You can order Starry Mind directly from Drag City on FLAC, MP3, and CD, or click the Amazon boxes below for MP3, vinyl and CD.)

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