SOME STUFFS: Zoë Blade creates haunting music in homage to a killer on new album

Would you kill for the love of a lady? Maybe not, but would you make music for the love of a killer? British artist/composer Zoë Blade has done just that in an interesting way with her new album, Belle Gunness (Transistor Sounds), the music of which can be considered dark, sinister, and haunting, all without vocals. The music sounds like the soundtrack for a film that doesn’t exist, the perfect “mind movie”, although if she was given a proposal to create music for a film, it would sound incredible, and I hope this album will allow her to do stuff like this, or variate to see how far Blade is willing to stretch. If her forthcoming 8-bit collaboration with PIG is any indication, Blade seems more than willing to experiment and try new things, and I for one look forward to hearing more.

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