FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Corina Corina’s “The Familiar”

Producer Willie Green has been creating some incredible tracks, mixing it up between hip-hop and instrumental electronic landscapes. Now he’s revealing something and someone new, at least to some people. It may come as a surprise for fans of Green’s work, but then again, it’s all a part of making music and sharing one’s appreciation for it.

Introducing Corina Corina. Her Bandcamp page shows some of the songs she has done background vocals for, but consider this her formal introduction, and what a way to do it. “The Familiar” is a phase that might suggest “oh, this sounds like something I heard before. But within that word “familiar” is also the word “familia”, and thus “family”. Within families are an exchange of stories and experiences that can hopefully be passed on from one to the other, and continue the fabric of life that is family and unity. Whether it’s a habitual family, a close circle of friends, or the community of musicians, singers, and creatives, Corina Corina is someone who wishes to light the spark of the telling of her story by sharing her story in “The Familiar”. While many artists have done the autobiographical thing with mixed results, Corina Corina does it quite well because it sounds honest and genuine, without it sounding like an advertising pitch. It’s her from the mind to the pen (or computer screen) to the microphone to the ears outside of the recording process, and… perhaps her story is indeed familiar to you? Welcome her, and if this is to your liking, then indeed get familiar. She has a full-length album due out very soon called The Eargasm, and like Johnnie Taylor who released an album with a very familiar-sounding title back in 1976, you may find yourself moving her music in and out of your mind, and that’s a good thing.

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