REVIEW: The Goblin Market’s “Beneath Far Gondal’s Foreign Sky”

Photobucket “The lonely nights above the graves, it brushed against your face/if I could, I’d touch it, steal it from this place” is one of many moving lines to be found on Beneath Far Gondal’s’ Foreign Sky (Green Monkey), the new album by The Goblin Market. The album will be fans of eclectic pop, or at least the kind of pop that deserves to be heard by the masses but isn’t. The album cover features a photo of what appears like three women dressed in black, holding hands. We don’t know who they are, we don’t know the occasion. Is it meant to be towards a funeral, are they mourning? It is a mystery, and it is that mystery that allows the listener to embrace the occasional melancholy in the hopes of finding inspiration to find brighter and better days. In these songs I hear hints of the better qualities of Wilco, Let’s Active, and even The Byrds in terms of songwriting structure and the tales told. I hope this album gets the kind of support from fans that the music deserves, and perhaps this will become one of those that becomes something to fall back on when every other style of current music fails. This doesn’t fail.

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