REVIEW: Daniel Kobialka’s “Sabor a Mi”

Photobucket This is one case where you cannot “judge a book by its cover”, or in this case, album title. Upon looking at Daniel Kobialka‘s Sabor a Mi (Li-Sem Enterprises) and the song titles, I expected for it to be some wicked Latin jazz. Even the green polka dot dress on the cover made me go “oooh, might be sexy”. Instead, this is a mixture of jazz and classical, and its mood and vibe are far removed from what most would expect from something assumed to be “invigorating”.

I found the songs on Sabor a Mi to be relaxing and meditative, a bit like what one would expect to hear on a 101 Strings album. Is it easy listening? If you want to go that way, then sure, but one could say this would be new age if you want to go down that route, and it wouldn’t be a problem for Kobialka, since he has been known for new age tones in his past releases. This album though: let me say this. If you are listening to this late at night, this may become your lullaby music. It’ll make you drift off, not good when you want to give this a serious and deep listening. Tracks like “Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado” and “La Paloma” will take you up and out into the clouds and allow you to float, if you wish to go that route. In terms of being a romantic album, play this in the background and you will be popping bottles, metaphorically and realistically. A French kiss of an album, but with Latin flavors.

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