REVIEW: Lee Ranaldo’s “Between The Times And The Tides”

Lee Ranaldo In Sonic Youth‘s 30 year existence, each of them have worked a lot as a group, with one another in side projects, and on their own albums, so there has never been a shortage of music in their existence. While Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have often been the focus, that has never taken away attention from the other members of the group. In fact, there are enough Lee Ranaldo fans who will tell you that his work is preferred over all others, or that it was his contributions to SY that stood out. That shows the diversity in their music and their fans. The group slowing down to a halt last year is not the reason Ranaldo has a new album, but the release of Between The Times And The Tides (Matador) may reveal how much he did contributed to the group, or at least it shines the light on Ranaldo, solo artist.

The songs on this album range from the courageous material that Sonic Youth fans have knowed and loved, while also showing a few of his unmistakable influences too, like the Neil Young-ish qualities of “Fire Island (Phases)”, while “Lost (Plane T Nice)” would be something you could easily hear being interpreted by everyone from Pete Townshend to John Mellencamp, or even Screaming Trees. It’s an album that sits well from start to finish, and when you have Steve Shelley playing drums on it throughout, along with help from John Medeski (whose playing in “Shouts” is worthy of a shout or two), Jim O’Rourke, Lea Singer, Nels Cline, and Alan Licht, he is in good company. Ranaldo could easily move into Jeff Tweedy territory, or at least to gain attention for his own music on its own terms. If you had taken exception to his songs with SY, you’ll love this. For Ranaldo fans, this is merely an extra component to his discography, and one that will be played repeatedly by everyone.

(NOTE: The Amazon version of the album on MP3 has an exclusive demo for the song “Lost”, which you can purchase below {the first box}.)

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