REVIEW: Shottie’s “Delorean”

Photobucket Hip-hop from all areas has never hesitated to talk about wanting better to find and live the good life, all while talking about struggling in this existence and at the same time, finding things to do to make time passing by much easier. It may not luxurious in the truest sense, and yet Miami’s Shottie has created an album that sounds like, with time, effort and determination, perhaps the jaunt in this existence can be as motivational as this music sounds.

Delorean is an album where Shottie has teamed up with producer Tev95, and if you’re familiar with his work, then you know what he’s capable of doing. He brings his techniques, talents, and keen ear to offer his support in a rapper who understands the good and bad of various elements of hip-hop, and makes it a point to show how to select the preferred elements to make something good. He could easily be a party rapper but keeps that under control. He could easily be hardcore or an extreme gangsta, but saves the gangsta-isms and prefers to shoot off some intelligence. It’s a true collaboration too, for while any producer can just squeeze out productions for the sake of effortless royalties, TeV95 truly listened to what Shottie was saying and what you’re hearing at times are musical interpretations of the stories.

Shottie has no problem in rhyming over a reggae vibe, something that might border on dubstep or IDM, a song that could easily open itself to be mainstream (“Aquaman” is an example of this) but when he does it, to my ears it does not lack what a lot of superstars try to do but fail. “Part Time Lover” is a slow jam, and while there are thousands of those in the genre, especially with a bit of Auto-Tune in the chorus, it’s a song that would make Timbaland go “oh, what is this? My name is not on this. Whoa!”

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone, so if you want a sliver of a Kanye West-vibe, Shottie shows his own level of coolness and it sounds like Shottie. There are enough smoothed out soulful moments that might make Phonte Coleman go “oh, I can dig this”. All this variety doesn’t hurt the pace of the album at all, it’s programmed quite well and I hope both he and TeV95 will continue to do more projects in the future. I also feel Shottie would be able to work with anyone and, without the producer knowing, teach them a few things. There’s a level of confidence I like, and while that may simply be knowing how to write and rap, it works to his benefit. Now get into that Delorean and let it ride.

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