SOME STUFFS/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Exploring the operatic experience of Økapi

The moment someone talks about the label/collective Illegal Art, you’ll either go “I have no idea what that is” or “oh,
what kind of sounds would they like confiscated at airports?” This time around, Illegal Art are putting together elements of a release by Italy’s Økapi, this one credited under the name Økapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra. The album is called Opera Riparata: Tribute To Bruno Munari, and while opera purists may not be into this at all, sound explorers will be, as it “borrows” from a number of famous works of opera, breaks it down to its core, then gathers up the dust and residue and creates something uniquely new-yet-familiar, done in the way that Økapi fans have come to know and envy.

To make it even more interesting, each piece put together is exactly 1 minute and 11 seconds in length, with a total of 40 tracks on the final project. A few “batches” of tracks have already been uploaded, but this is “Batch 7“(9.23mb), which will give you a feel for what Opera Riparata sounds like.

To hear other Økapi tracks unrelated to Opera Riparata, including one he uploaded yesterday, you may click to his Soundcloud page.

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