BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Us Natives’ “Used Vinyl Review”

Photobucket People who know me or follow this website will know my love of vinyl and records, and may assume “oh, this album is called Used Vinyl Review so he wants to cater to his fetish. To be honest, no, that’s not what it was. The album could have been called Used Band-Aid Residue and it still would have been up here. I want to encourage people to listen to my suggestions, especially if it was suggested/recommend by someone else, or I’ll do searches and come across something I think people would like. I review a wealth of music, but having it become a part of Bandcamp Suggestions is merely shining a brighter spotlight . By the time Us Natives got in concert with me to ask if I would be interested in listening and perhaps doing a review, I had to tell them “you will be a part of my Bandcamp Suggestions column.”

Us Natives come from Philadelphia where the hip-hop scene is vibrant and strong, and this production duo consisting of Ill Clinton & John E Cab sound like they could not only dominate the Philadelphia scene, but also work with everyone else in the U.S., North America, and the entire world. They merge their use of real instrumentation with “borrowed sounds” (i.e. sampling), so while you may recognize the funk of a familiar break in “Flashback”, you hear the potential when you hear how they blend and coordinate sounds, especially with the string and horn samples (sounds like it was taken from a soundtrack album I should know).

Outside of the hip-hop context, Us Natives would work well in creating some pretty moving audio soundscapes to where they could be ranked alongside The Avalanches, DJ Krush, Cut Chemist, and Jazzanova if they wanted that. Used Vinyl Review is a “prequel” to a full length album due out later this year, and while I could suggest how I’d like to hear it, I await to see and hear what they can do, for I am putting my faith and trust in them after hearing this.

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