FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Depakote’s “I Live To Die And I Die To Live”

Photobucket Los Angeles-based producer Depakote is also one half of This City Is Hours, but for his own project, he is sharing an all-instrumental album showing his capabilities in the studio.

He calls his work “forward thinking”, which might be a bit of a boast but when you listen to it, I can hear he is much more than just getting random sample banks and looping things for the hell of it. He knows what to use and how to work with different variables to create different variables, which makes it possible to make music for a wide range of artists in different genre. There’s a moment in “Casnoc Is Dead” where the funky jazz moves from 4/4 to 3/4 as the music time-stretches and puts on a new uniform, before coming back and returning to 4/4 while sounding a bit tipsy and off-center. Depakote is sure to find a lot of different clients to work with, but would also enjoy to hearing him do a bit more “forward thinking’ on a regular basis. I’m locked in and ready for more.

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