REVIEW: Gangrene’s “Odditorium” (EP)

Photobucket When Gangrene get going, they go in strong. A few months after the release of an album, they have released a 4-song EP called Odditorium (Decon) that just adds to the power that is the Vodka & Ayahuasca album. The samples are not as freaky as they want their personas to be known, the drama and freakiness is in the imagery but the best thing about these songs is how the imagery can be manipulated into whatever the mind wants, and wherever the mind takes itself. Tempos and themes change, samples move in and out and mixes with natural sound, becoming utterly trippy mind movies with references to feces, smells, and who knows what else. This is that grown-up hip-hop stuff with the kind of tricks only capable magicians can do, and I hope the magic continues. Everyone needs to step up to Gangrene’s level.

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