REVIEW: OFF!’s self-titled album

OFF! have released their brand new self-titled album (Vice), and if more albums were like this, kids would explode on sonic contact. No joke.

16 songs are on this album, clocking in at a mere 15:44. The longest song on this is 1:36, shortest going at 0:46, yet because of how powerful and fast they are done, it feels like an awesome and energetic blur. What I mean to say is, these guys go in and out of their songs without care. They could easily build up, deliver a mean guitar solo, branch off into another world, come back for another powerful chorus, but why bother? It reminds me of music by New Bomb Turks, Dwarves, Dehumanizers and The Derelicts, and perhaps because of that garage-style twang they occasionally touch on, early Supersuckers. In the end, you might hear elements of The Clash and The Buzzcocks too, as the vocals are quite nice (in a punk setting) without being sloppy or extravagant (the production on this album is quite nice too.) This is very much the power of rock’n’roll at its ballsy best, complete with odors of unknown origin. Fuck shit up.

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