REVIEW: Generic Concession Stand’s “Restoration”

Photobucket The last time around, I had said the music of Generic Concession Stand had a bit of a “nu-metal” vibe but with their new Restoration EP, I’m hearing metal on a more crusty vibe on a Buzzov•en level, and I’m loving it. What I also like is the punk vibe that can be felt within the vocals, and while I would have loved the sound quality of the vocal tracks to be up to par with the music (but that’s my producer ear at work), this sounds like something you’d hear if you went into their basement or practice shed. When the songs offer up a light hip-hop vibe, they do it quite well, making sure they do it the way they want to without sounding like others who have blended the two styles.

The best song has to be the incredible title track, which adds a slight progressive metal groove by bringing in different textures, tempos, and paces in a six minute time period, where it feels like if they wanted to get into Voivod or System Of A Down mode, they could. Restoration simply makes me want to wait around to hear more.

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