REVIEW: Freedom Hall’s “United States Of Injustice”

Photobucket Freedom Hall have created a soul album that speaks out on/about the injustices of the world we live in, and it is very much about the exposure amongst us, in that “we” represents all and not just for specific target audiences of perceived fame and shame. United Shates Of Injustice takes a look at various forms of injustice from times when people stole gold, jewels, and property up to the present day when stealing human life is no more than a notch on the bed for some. The music is funky and when it gets into hip-hop mode, it drops knowledge hard, but that dropping of knowledge is very much a part of this album’s essence. This could be equal to the best political works of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and John Lennon. On the surface, the music and production, the vocals, and the raps sound great and they are meant to motivate you to groove, dance, or be romantic, but it’s also music that is meant to make you think. It points the finger at African culture and its transformation from the motherland into uncertain human distribution around the world, but it tries to link pain and suffering throughout the generations, one that many cultures around the world can relate to. In other words, this is very much “a black thing” but the messages expressed here has touch so many of many colors and persuasions, which allows us to realize we are a lot more unified in our suffering than we tend to believe.

Within the sound of pain and suffering is just motivational music that will hopefully not provoke you do prioritize, but perhaps live a better life so that the next generation can see things a bit clearer. In other words, their name is a metaphor for a place where everyone should feel comfortable to be themselves, life is merely a journey towards eternal change, even if freedom may not be obtainable from us. United States Of Injustice is a punch in the face for those who still feel everyone in this country is unified, but through music, there’s still a way to open minds if people wish to be open. In sound, freedom is only a volume button away.

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