VIDEO: Breeze’s “I Do It”

This is a track that sounds perfect for the clubs as you watch women give each other fingertip rubs. This Breeze is in no relation to the UK MC named Breeze, American MC Breez Evahflowin, Breeze of “L.A. Posse” fame, or the electronic duo Breeezze. This is Breeze, a/k/a Breeze Raw, and while he does a club banger here, I can imagine him flowing within a number of different styles if he wanted to, but this works for me. He released a mixtape two years ago but “I Do It” is his first single, so if you like it, let everyone know. The video was directed by Michael “Sycko” Lopez and Julia Pizano, curious to see and hear what direction Breeze will go next.

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