RECORD CRACK: K.C. & The Sunshine Band get the MOFI treatment

It’s music you have heard over and over again: on the radio, on TV, perhaps throughout your life. I’ve had a copy of this since I was a kid, I danced, grooved, and got down to it. It has been a “dollar bin gem” for decades, and a thrift store masterpiece because so many people bought it. Now, one of the biggest albums of the disco era is getting the audiophile treatment courtesy of Mobile Fidelity.

The second album by K.C. & The Sunshine Band was self-titled, which lead many to believe that this was their debut, which lead many to wonder what happened to their second album when their follow-up was called Part 3. This album was the unofficial “Part 2”. The album features the big hits “That’s The Way (I Like It)”, “Get Down Tonight” and “Boogie Shoes”, but there were some awesome album cuts that either because dance floor classics or eventually part of the sample fodder for countlesss hip-hop producers, including “What Makes You Happy”, “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong”, and “I Get Lifted”, along with the two part “Let It Go”.

The album felt/feels good, and it is sure to sound good with this MOFI remaster, but considering that you can go to any garage sale, thrift store, and charity shop to find a regular T/K Records pressing for nothing more than a dollar, will it be worth paying the audiophile price for it? If you treat your music seriously and have always liked this for how the regular pressing sounds, I would say yes.

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