REVIEW/RECORD CRACK: Beck’s “I Just Started Hating Some People Today” (7 inch 45)

Photobucket It was sometimes hard to keep track of Beck when he was signed to DGC/Geffen, but now as an independent artist, he seems to be back to recording and releasing music at… maybe not furious, but at an unpredictable pace. He has released a new 45 on Third Man Records as part of their Blue Series. This one begins with the country blues of “I Just Started Hating Some People Today”, and while it may start out sounding perfect for The Grand Ole Opry, there’s a bit of funk in the drums that shows that this is a different song, equipped with the lyric:
I just started wanting to punch your face
you might want to wear a helmet, just in case
what was once your face is gonna be replaced
and I just started wanting to punch your face

It’s tender in a sarcastic way, at least Beck and Jack White, who joins Beck throughout the song, makes it feel that way. When the song is over, you can only hold your breath and wonder what Beck will do next, and he punks/fucks it up in a fashion that will make Beck fans pee pee in their pants. Others online have commented on why he always likes to ruin music this way. Screw them. Then Karen Elson gets sexy and evil at the end of the song.

The B-side also sounds like a country workhorse, but again, it’s Beck. It may bring to mind the rustic and raw vibe of the One Foot In The Grave album, or even Stereopathetic Soulmanure but with a bigger budget. If you’ve been a longtime fan of Beck as I have, this will please and surprise.

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